Definition of Terms

  • The Scheme
    Refers to National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). A corporate body established under Act 35, of 1999, to regulate and provide health insurance in Nigeria
  • Enrollee or Beneficiary
    A person who has enrolled (or has been enrolled) with NHIS.
  • Principal Enrollee
    A person on behalf of whom the other biological members of the family (dependants) are enrolled.
  • Dependant
    The spouse and children of a principal enrollee.
  • Primary Health Care Provider (PHCP)
    Is the entry point and point of first contact of an enrollee with a healthcare provider.
  • Primary Care Provider
    Same as in PHCP.
  • Secondary Health Care Provider
    Refers to Health Care Provider which offers specialized services to patients referred from the primary healthcare provider.
  • Tertiary Health Care Provider
    Refers to Health Care Provider which offers highly specialized services based on referral from secondary care level.
  • Alternative Primary Health Care Provider
    Is the PHCP selected by dependant(s) who is not resident in the same location with the principal.
  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
    A private or public incorporated Company registered by the NHIS solely to manage the provision of health care services through Healthcare Providers accredited by the Scheme.

Important Information


Who is Eligible?

All Serving / Retired Military personnel are eligible to register one
spouse and four biological children of 18 years and below as provided
for in the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) guidelines.
  • Dependants (i.e. spouse and children) of deceased personnel are also eligible.

How the scheme works

This is a descrption of the working processes behind the scheme
  • A personnel registers with Defence Health Maintenance Limited (DHML) and is assigned with a registration number.
  • The serving personnel selects an accredited Military Primary Health Care Provider (PHCP) within his locality and supplies all the necessary personal details.
  • The retired personnel selects an accredited military or civillian Primary Health Care Provider (PHCP) within his/her locality and supplies all necessary personal details.
  • • Dependants (i.e. spouse and children) details submitted on-line are backed-up with the upload of relevant document(s) by the registrant.
  • DHML/NHIS issues an ID card to the enrollees and their eligible dependants.
  • The military / civillian PHCP takes care of all the primary health care issues of the enrollee based on the NHIS benefit package.
  • The Primary Health Care Provider (PHCP) will refer the enrollee to a Secondary Health Care Provider (SHCP) or Tertiary Care Provider (TCP) accredited by the NHIS for specialized cases, with approval from DHML using the established referral guidelines.
  • Enrollees are not allowed to change their PHCP more than twice a year. Request for change of PHCP can be submitted online or at the DHML office closest to you. This will be treated within three (3) months of submission.

Who pays?

Who pays for the health services given to serving / retired personnel
and their families?
  • The Federal Government is responsible for the full payment of the contributions. No deduction is made from the salary of the serving or pension of the retired personnel.

Health care in transit?

How do I access health care in transit?
  • Serving Personnel are to report sick at the nearest Military Health Care Provider (Sickbay, Medical Reception Station, Medical Centre or Hospital) as directed by their unit’s Medical Officer.
  • Retired Personnel are to contact their chosen PHCP, DHML Call Centre or State offices before reporting sick at any NHIS accredited PHCP.
  • Provide a means of identification such as the Service identity card or DHML/NHIS Identity card.